The Mind and the Brain

This is an excellent article.

I have never before come across an article disputing the dogma that ‘mind’ is simply a synonym for ‘brain’.  That they are entirely different was well understood until the early 20th century.

This is far from being mere semantics.  It is from the conflation of these two separate concepts that psychiatry has gained their stranglehold on government funding in the field of mental health.

They have used that monopoly to treat the mind by poking around in the brain – either chemically, surgically or electrically (ECT).  Let’s not even think about their icepick through the eyeball ‘treatment’.

It is the psychiatric industry’s promotion of the confusion that the mind is the brain that has caused so much damage and brought the field of mental health into such disrespect.

Consciousness does not reside in the brain.

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  1. Posted by Nafsica (Sasa) Kelly on January 6, 2017 at 9:43 am

    ECT IS BARBARIC IT IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Have you any evidence how many people are cured?
    A genuine personal conscience is not presented to us by life as a gift and is not by any means an automatic attainment It has to be forged in the smithy of the individual’s soul.To some extend minister James Reilly particular kind of conscience is made for him because he absorbs so much of medical ignorance of denial serious withdrawal effects that SSRI ANTIDRPSSANT SUCH PROZAC(HE WAS TALKING ON MARIA FINUCANE SHOW ON THE RADIO ONE 19 NOVEMBER 2001 SAYING VRY CLEARLY THER IS ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE THE THAT GROUP OF DRUGS IS DEPENDENCY FORMING.It is not just taking of antidepressants that can cause extreme violence.Withdrawal from antidepressants can cause violence.Research shows that in just a few days, a person can unknowingly go into severe withdrawal and not even know he or she is feeling so violent or suicidal.A common symptom of withdrawal is the return of the symptoms the drug was supposed to treat.Psychatrist and GP like Jame Reily will commonly tell you that this is the return of the mental illness.It is not.This is withdrawal an indication of dependency. What is happening is that after months or years of taking a psychiatric drug, the body has now gotten adjusted to it.When you then take the drug away, it creates trauma within the body as it now has to adjust back to functioning without it.Rather than recognizing withdrawal, reactions for what thy are psychiatrist will frequently insist on putting the patients’ back on the drug.This practice has been referred to by one expert as chasing on’s tail medication, withdrawal, and need needlessly prolonging the patients’ exposure to the drug, often for years.For years, pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists covered up the addictive effects of their drug.Thank you to Terry Lynch David Healy and Peter Breggin for sharing accurate information.You won’t have to be a medical doctor all you have to have a passion for health.Shamelessness arrogance, deceit, and moralizing thrive at the highest level and the ultimate authority is power money reputation and repeatability.


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