Psychiatry becomes political weapon in US

“Congressional Democrats have approached outspoken Yale University psychiatrist Dr Bandy Lee about forming an expert panel to offer advice on President Donald Trump’s mental health.”

This is repeating the tactics of the old Soviet Union in stating that anyone who disputed the merits of communism must be mentally ill.  Thus, they justified institutionalising the opposition and subjecting them to ECT and psychotropic drugging.

The US Democrats now believe that their president is mentally ill, simply because he is fighting back against their culturally destructive policies.  Presumably that means that those Americans who voted for him are also mentally ill.

Hopefully President Trump will pull all funding for psychiatry – no, I don’t really think that he will – sigh!  Without taxpayer funding, there would not be enough private demand to keep psychiatrists in business and the whole rotten edifice would collapse.

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  2. Posted by Debra King on August 29, 2017 at 7:26 am

    Yep that figures. Undermine the President and stop the sane people by saying they are insane for an agenda!! Same of crap different era!


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