Nightmare on Capitol Hill

OMG, read all about it

“senile, brain-damaged patients who might not even remember what happened yesterday.”

Wow, here we go.  No wonder some Congress people seem so inarticulate and… well, nuts.  They are.

If this is not a spoof, it is the scariest story that I have ever read.  If Hillary Rotten Clinton had won, would the most powerful country in the world really have been led by someone on psych drugs?  Another Kim Fatty?

Now wonder the world seems such a scary place at the moment.  No wonder that the legislators won’t crack down on the despicable trafficking in psychotropic drugs that is making it worse.  The legislators are the primary victims – hooked on psychotropics and unable to tell wrong from right.

It worryingly makes sense – Clinton, Pelosi, McCain, McConnell – OMG, Nightmare on Capitol Hill.

This story needs spreading far and wide.

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