Punitive Psychiatry

“We can now say, too, there are people who fight against Communism … but clearly the mental state of such people is not normal.”

Nikita Khrushchev

And on such spurious logic, the practice known as punitive psychiatry was begun.  Commitment to a psychiatric hospital had the advantage over a prison sentence in that it was for an indefinite period – until the ‘patient’ was sane again.

The ‘treatment’ was psychotropic drugs and electroshock ‘therapy’.  It continued until such times as the ‘patient’ relented and agreed that communism was wonderful.

While most attention is placed on the political evil, almost none is placed on the ‘profession’ of psychiatry itself, which has consistently, throughout its history, and not just in the Soviet Union, facilitated such inhuman behaviour – China, Venezuela, North Korea and many other socialist states have been, and still are, guilty of this abominable behaviour.

Psychiatry is a despicable parody of true medicine – in the same manner that socialism is a despicable parody of true compassion.

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