Stephen Paddock Autopsy

And so, per a prior blog, comes the evidence that Stephen Paddock was indeed on psychotropic drugs.

Will anything change?  My natural inclination to optimism must be being slowly ground down, because I do not really believe so.  So many politicians’ palms have been greased by Big Pharma’s ‘donations’; so much of the media have sold their souls for paid advertising from the same source. Those parties that much of society trusts to expose such crimes against humanity are hopelessly compromised.

Stephen Paddock’s shocking crime is yet one more on the list of shooting crimes to be placed under the rubric: Pharmaceutical Companies’ Mass Killings.  And who is it that gives these despicable people cover?  Why the psychiatrists of course, those who claim that all unwanted behaviour is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.

On a more philosophical note, I believe that much of the nuttiness that is in evident in Western societies finds its roots in the credulous belief that the mind and the brain are synonymous.  But that is another subject.


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