He Called Socialism a Lie and Was Locked in a Psych Ward

From: https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/he-called-socialism-a-lie-and-was-locked-in-a-psych-ward/

Nowhere have the bad ways of the Soviet Union oozed up from communism’s putative grave and infected the living (more so) than in the field of so-called psychiatry. The weaponization of mental health care is very much alive and well. Fifty years ago, they put you in a padded room if you refused to say that Lenin was a hero. Today, the “doctors” chemically, and sometimes physically, castrate the young, perform mastectomies on adolescents, pump children full of hormones, and egg on the most vulnerable among us in their heartbreaking denials of biological reality—all while calling it “psychiatry” and “medical care.”

Read the whole article here

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