Pharma’s Push For Profit at Any Cost


Pharma’s vice-like grip on what passes for healing has reached a peak.  The Covid hysteria was just one sign of an out-of-control pursuit of profit, no matter what the cost to health.

And it worked; the majority of adults voluntarily took one of their toxic jabs.  But very few adults foisted them on their children.

Well, that has to change; children are a potentially huge market for drugs.

But Pharma’s push for profit at any cost is meeting a rising awareness that all is not well with the Western model of medicine.

Like all ne’er-do-wells, the perpetrators became emboldened by their success to the point that they have become incautious.

From the Daily Mail

Now doctors want to screen EVERY American child over age of eight for anxiety — even if they don’t have symptoms

  • The US Preventative Services Task Force issued new recommendations
  • The leading panel is advising doctors to screen children eight and up for anxiety 
  • New recommendations also call to screen children 12 and older for depression
  • Some experts fear anxiety screenings could spur addition to medication 

A leading panel of doctors has recommended all American children over the age of eight to be screened for anxiety – even if they do not have symptoms.

The US Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF), one of the most influential bodies in American health care, issued the new guidelines on Tuesday.

It also is pushing for doctors to screen all children over the age of 12 for depression no matter their reported symptoms.

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