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Are Pharma Companies Drug Dealers?

“Recently, a series of whistleblower lawsuits revealed shocking allegations about just how far pharmaceutical sales reps were willing to go to pressure doctors to prescribe their medications, with the apparent full encouragement of their employer, the pharma company Insys. As reported by the Daily Caller, these sales representatives were pushed to sexually entice, and sometimes even have actual sex with doctors in order to gain their cooperation. They were encouraged to fete the doctors with trips to fancy restaurants, shooting ranges and, naturally, strip clubs.”

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The Elephant in the Room

Why isn’t anyone talking about the link between psychiatric medications and mass shootings?

Read Ethan Huff’s article, published at Natural News.

Big Pharma Paid Millions in Secret Settlements After Antidepressants Linked to Mass Murder

I don’t want this blog to focus exclusively on the mass shooting deaths caused by Big Pharma’s peddling of antidepressants.  The truth is, that while the numbers are horrific, they are only the tip of the iceberg.  The mass shootings are the peak of derangement caused by these drugs.  Millions more just pass their days in confusion and inner torment; their dreams unattainable, their hopes squashed, their lives ruined.

It does remain a probability though that it is the shooting deaths that stand the best chance of destroying Big Pharma’s business model of money for madness.  It is these that get the media’s attention.  While the media are hopelessly compromised by the advertising dollars received from Big Pharma, it seems inconceivable that they can abet the cover-up indefinitely.  All it takes is one honest editor.

There is definitely pressure building.  The following are well worth reading.  The second link is contained within the first, but just in case you miss it, I have separated it out.




World famous psychiatrist says: more psychiatric drug treatment means more mass shootings will happen

World famous psychiatrist says: more psychiatric drug treatment means more mass shootings will happen

by John Rappoport

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Antidepressants Okay?

“We were told last week that researchers had ‘the final answer to the long-lasting controversy about whether antidepressants work for major depression’. I very much doubt it. Not only did the study (of old research, much of it paid for by the drug companies themselves) show very limited success for these pills. We are only just beginning to scrape the surface of what I suspect may be one of the biggest drug scandals of all time. If anyone insists to you that all is well, ask them this: have they had access to the drug companies’ own full testing records?”

Peter Hitchens – The Mail on Sunday

Shooters Took Psychiatric Drugs

Good article, and obvious, but sadly, not yet to everyone.

Shooters Took Psychiatric Drugs: Psychiatrist Says Good Parenting, Not Pills, Prevents School Shootings

Nikolas Cruz

Another shooting; more deaths by Big Pharmas and their psychiatric accomplices.  Ban guns?  Try to think clearly.  Ban psychotropic drugs?  Now we’re getting somewhere.

Unusually, a mainstream media speaker (Tucker Carlson) actually mentioned psychiatric drugs as a possible cause.  Is the tide turning?  We’ll see.

Nikolas Cruz, in his drug-induced demented state, was no less a victim than the innocent people that he mercilessly gunned down.