Take Ten Pills and You’re Fine

Political Psychiatry

The Soviet Union systematized it.  So did/does Cuba and China.  ‘It’ is the insidious practice of proclaiming a political opponent mentally ill, incarcerating him or her, and then torturing them with psychotropic drugs, often until the point where they really are mentally ill.  It is so much faster and easier than incarcerating them through the judicial system.  No proof necessary, no release time necessary.  A foul part of psychatry’s foul history.

Now, the wretched far left socialists in the US – they call themselves ‘liberals’ – want to do the same with President Trump.  They don’t like his policies, so he must be mentally ill.


This one event will cause Big Pharma to COLLAPSE

As a student and author on the subject of money, I can assure you that Mr. Adams is entirely correct.

Punitive Psychiatry

“We can now say, too, there are people who fight against Communism … but clearly the mental state of such people is not normal.”

Nikita Khrushchev

And on such spurious logic, the practice known as punitive psychiatry was begun.  Commitment to a psychiatric hospital had the advantage over a prison sentence in that it was for an indefinite period – until the ‘patient’ was sane again.

The ‘treatment’ was psychotropic drugs and electroshock ‘therapy’.  It continued until such times as the ‘patient’ relented and agreed that communism was wonderful.

While most attention is placed on the political evil, almost none is placed on the ‘profession’ of psychiatry itself, which has consistently, throughout its history, and not just in the Soviet Union, facilitated such inhuman behaviour – China, Venezuela, North Korea and many other socialist states have been, and still are, guilty of this abominable behaviour.

Psychiatry is a despicable parody of true medicine – in the same manner that socialism is a despicable parody of true compassion.

Big Pharma Mogul Arrested For Bribing Doctors To Prescribe Fentanyl


A few months back I blogged about doctors and Big Pharma being held accountable for their self-serving dispensing and marketing (here).  An interesting article was linked.  It is worth reading if you have not done so.  It refers to opioids specifically, but the ramifications must surely take in all drugs of addiction.

The article behind this blog is also worth reading.  Matters are coming to a head – arrests have been made.  This will establish a precedent for all drugs of addiction.  We will then have a mighty tool to limit the horrendous damage caused by the willy-nilly prescribing of psychotropic drugs.


Nightmare on Capitol Hill

OMG, read all about it

“senile, brain-damaged patients who might not even remember what happened yesterday.”

Wow, here we go.  No wonder some Congress people seem so inarticulate and… well, nuts.  They are.

If this is not a spoof, it is the scariest story that I have ever read.  If Hillary Rotten Clinton had won, would the most powerful country in the world really have been led by someone on psych drugs?  Another Kim Fatty?

Now wonder the world seems such a scary place at the moment.  No wonder that the legislators won’t crack down on the despicable trafficking in psychotropic drugs that is making it worse.  The legislators are the primary victims – hooked on psychotropics and unable to tell wrong from right.

It worryingly makes sense – Clinton, Pelosi, McCain, McConnell – OMG, Nightmare on Capitol Hill.

This story needs spreading far and wide.

Big Pharma Under Big Attack


The above is an interesting snippet of news.  This legal action is restricted to the opioid group of drugs, but it seems likely that if successful, it will have much wider ramifications.

If it becomes illegal to prescribe a specific class of drugs in an amount sufficient to lead to dependency, then all drugs, including antidepressants, will eventually be gathered up under that legal umbrella.

This could be the thin end of a very useful wedge in splitting apart Big Pharma’s vile business model.