The Mind and the Brain

This is an excellent article.

I have never before come across an article disputing the dogma that ‘mind’ is simply a synonym for ‘brain’.  That they are entirely different was well understood until the early 20th century.

This is far from being mere semantics.  It is from the conflation of these two separate concepts that psychiatry has gained their stranglehold on government funding in the field of mental health.

They have used that monopoly to treat the mind by poking around in the brain – either chemically, surgically or electrically (ECT).  Let’s not even think about their icepick through the eyeball ‘treatment’.

It is the psychiatric industry’s promotion of the confusion that the mind is the brain that has caused so much damage and brought the field of mental health into such disrespect.

Consciousness does not reside in the brain.

WA child psychiatrist pleads guilty to indecently recording children in four countries

Many years decades ago, as a young man in Melbourne, Australia, I lived with a gorgeous American lady from Topeka, Kansas.  She told me that her previous boyfriend was a psychology major and that he had been “really weird” about sex and nudity.

“I sort of came to the conclusion”, she said in her soft mid-west burr, “that only someone who had problems themselves would become interested in other people’s problems to the degree that psychologists and psychiatrists are.”

I think that she was right.

John Nash – Hollywood Fabrications

It is not only the news media fabrications; Hollywood has a lot to answer for in the degradation of our civilization.  The following is far from the only example of their deliberate misrepresentations.

“A Beautiful Mind told the heart-wrenching tale of mathematical genius John Nash’s struggle to overcome the symptoms of schizophrenia. In the end, he credits his recovery to two things: the love of his wife and newer medications.

“The real John Nash wasn’t happy about that “newer medications” line. He’d handled his schizophrenia in the exact opposite way—by ceasing to take meds entirely. Antipsychotic medication, he felt, blunted his mind. He threw them out in 1970 and never went back on them again.

“Nash isn’t the first schizophrenic to convince himself he’d do better off his meds. He’s just a rare case where it actually worked, which is exactly why the screenwriter of A Beautiful Mind fudged that little detail. He didn’t want anyone in the audience following Nash’s bad example and trying to go without their meds.”

Only a ‘bad example’ for pharmaceutical company profits.

No Safe Spaces for the ‘Mentally Ill’

Read the above link through to the end, and then stop and ponder the ramification of this new reality when placed alongside the long-established reality that people can be forcibly incarcerated and ‘treated’ once assigned a mental health problem.

The world has been taken to a very dangerous and evil place by the lefty liberals.  They are wholly intolerant of any views that conflict with their own.  They believe that it is their right, nay their duty, to destroy not only the jobs, but even the lives of those who disagree with their totalitarian outlook.

Fortunately, the system of pseudo-money (debt notes) will collapse before these mini-monsters’ dreams are fulfilled.  At which point they will all come to understand that life involves more than prattle, posture and the destruction of all that is decent.

No safe spaces then.

Psychiatry: Laughed out of Existence

If you read between the lines in this article, the complaint is that medical students are making fun of psychiatry to the degree that students are no longer studying to become psychiatrists.

There was a wonderful documentary back in the early 2000s that posited that the USSR fell because everyone began to make fun of it.  The powers that be can cope with just about anything except being laughed at.

Whatever works to stop the drug pushing, mind destroying cult of psychiatry should be done.

Turmeric Extract Superior to Prozac

A new study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research has confirmed for the first time in a randomized, controlled clinical trial that the primary polyphenol in turmeric known as curcumin is both safe and effective in treating serious states of depression.

Read the whole article…

Another Terrorist Who Went to a Psychiatrist

In no way does it excuse the horrific nature of this act of barbarity, but what else could be expected from dispensing psychiatric drugs to an already violently inclined youth?