Psychiatry – Tool of Oppressive Government


Maurice Kirk – Fixated Threat?

Article by Mike Robinson

oct 5th 2009


The trouble with establishing a dictatorship through stealth is that people both within and without the system begin to protest. Not everyone is afraid. Some speak their minds. Some fight. And when people fight, inevitably the truth starts to leak. Initially such leaks can be put down to “conspiracy theory,” or “eccentricity,” but eventually, as the dictatorship gets closer to fruition, the numbers of people seeing the truth are too great. It is at that point, that the establishment acts to silence the dissenters.

Maurice Kirk is one man who has caused that establishment no end of trouble.

Maurice Kirk is a capable veterinary surgeon. He has been fighting establishment corruption for decades. He has taken a civil case against South Wales Police for harassment because they have been covertly monitoring his movements for a long time. That case is due to come to court in January 2010. It is clear now that South Wales Police, in collusion with the Judiciary, intend that Maurice Kirk will not be attending that court case.

In June this year, Maurice Kirk was arrested on the charges of possession of a firearm, and offering the gun for sale. The gun concerned was a decommissioned WW1 machine gun, which he obtained attached to a replica First World War Airco DH2 aircraft. The gun had no trigger. It had holes drilled in it. You can see quite clearly in the photograph, that the barrel is blocked. In fact, it was made up of salvaged parts from several other WW1 guns, with the sole purpose of looking good on the DH2.





The aircraft, gun included, was, at one time, owned by the RAF. It has had many owners since, including Maurice. It has appeared at air shows with gun attached. Maurice sold the aircraft one year before his arrest.

By coincidence, the arrest and subsequent search of the family home occurred just after he was required to exchange documents with the solicitors defending South Wales Police in his case against them for harassment.

Following his arrest, Maurice was held without bail at Cardiff Prison. He went on hunger strike.

Maurice Kirk has an adventurous streak. He’s an aviation enthusiast. As a busy farm animal vet, he found that flying himself from farm to farm was the only way he could fit all his calls into the day. One day an American sponsor offered to finance his taking part in the London to Sydney Air Race, which he completed in 2001 in a 1946 Piper Cub. He then attempted an around the world trip, which came to a sticky end when he landed close to George Dubya’s ranch in Texas, and attempted to hand deliver a letter.

It was as a result of that escapade that Maurice discovered how bad things have become in this world. Despite the Federal Aviation Authority agreeing that he had committed no crime, he was arrested, subjected to psychiatric assessment, and deported for life from the United States. His aircraft did not go with him.

Some time later, Maurice found himself at an aviation gathering next door to Prince Charles’ Gloucestershire home. He thought he might deliver a letter to Charles, if he was in. He wasn’t, but that’s how Maurice came to the attention of Tony Blair’s Fixated Threat Assessment Centre.

One of the problems that the establishment has, is that we’re not far enough along the road to dictatorship that they can start actually killing people in any numbers. Occasionally, for example David Kelly, they take the risk.

For Maurice Kirk, and activists like him, they don’t want to draw attention to him by killing him, and they don’t dare go to a full trial. A trial results in facts ending up in the official record. Worse, trials, at least for a while longer, have juries. The truth will out, as they say, and they are scared of that.

So the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre is there to make sure that in circumstances such as these, instead of prosecuting a charge in the courts, the charge is used as an excuse for a corrupt judge to order psychological and psychiatric assessments. All it takes is for some so-called psychiatrist to say that he feels an assessment should take place, and before you know it, you’re “Sectioned.”

And that’s exactly what happened to Maurice Kirk.

Prior to his arrest, the FTAC approached Maurice’s GP, asking for a psychological assessment. The FTAC expert involved was a Doctor David James, who Maurice characterises as “bright, informed and helpful.” Dr. James came to the written conclusion that Maurice was perfectly sane; absolutely no threat whatsoever.

Despite that, after nineteen days of hunger strike, someone from the FTAC, had Maurice taken to court on the 7th August, and an order was made under Section 35 of the Mental Health Act, for him to be incarcerated in a nearby loony bin for “assessment.”

He is still there.

Since entering Caswell Clinic, he has been subjected to 35 hours of one to one interrogation with the following doctors and psychologists:

Dr Tegwyn Williams

Dr Gaynor Jones

Professor Roger Wood

Dr Ruth Bagenshaw

Dr Joseph Sylvester

Dr Roger Wood is a psychologist at Swansea University. According to his profile on the university’s website, he researches the “impact of acquired brain injury, particularly orbito-frontal injury, on behaviour, cognition and social functioning. Clinical effectiveness of brain injury rehabilitation techniques in respect of social outcome. Long term sequelae of traumatic brain injury. Forensic neuropsychological assessment to identify neurobehavioural disability associated with ‘frontal’ dysfunction.”

So it is plain to see what they are attempting.

35 hours of one to one interrogation have found no evidence of mental illness. Yet at his latest court appearance, Maurice was returned to Caswell for a further 28 days, for further “assessment.”

But while this ordeal is clearly traumatic for Maurice, he is not alone. We are aware of others who are experiencing similar treatment at the hands of this out of control Government.

The establishment of the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre is a direct attack on those of us who would dare to speak out against the police state we are living in. What’s next? Mental health courts? Maurice certainly thinks so and we agree.

Canada has had mental health courts for a couple of years now. The idea behind them is that people considered to be mentally ill, and charged with “minor” offenses, are given a choice – attend the mental health court, or go through the normal courts and risk a prison sentence. Anyone choosing the mental health court route is closely “monitored” for compliance with any treatment regime, including drugs. Mental health courts in Canada have been hailed as a great success. It is presented as a voluntary scheme, a “moral” contract between the offender and the court, where the offender and opt out at any time and face a normal criminal proceeding. If the treatment programme is completed, the original charge is dropped or expunged.

Maybe I’m just being cynical, but that sounds very much like the choice given to Winston Smith at the end of 1984.

Keep up to date with Maurice at his website:

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mary on October 30, 2010 at 12:41 am


    maurice kirk

    It is standard practice in the UK to try to section people under the Mental Capacity Act if they speak out against injustice

    See also:


  2. Posted by Katie Caliente on October 17, 2011 at 6:57 am

    Certainly, they have a system, “they” being the organized minions that work for a tyrannical government system. They have asked me in the past exactly who “they” is. so there you go. At 50 usd a shot, they offered me 4 pictures of my brain, I declined the 200usd fee to look at my own brains!
    My psychiatrists call each other, and include my prejudical mother in on it as well…she holds not the slightiest objectivity into my mental state, and as I learn to articulate my position, the upsets will become greater and greater, until only a blatant liar can claim certain political critics are “mentally ill” Mine phone in the same disorders, which they only have about 4 they use. Decide for yourself how pathetic and UNLIKELY this REALLY can be for an industry so huge! Depression with or without psychosis, what they call dystimia . Borderline Personality, paranoid schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder.
    Well, i mean if thats all they have, surely we could cut out on some of the beauracracy and paper work? The key to defeating them on an intellectual level is learning their material…they peddle the junk science DSM to the most sluggish intellectual amongst themselves…an exercise in hilarity indeed!
    On a financial level, we know they do it for the money, insurance or otherwise
    On a family level it is for the control of whatever poor individual is the target of the family, sometimes a wayward daughter, often a son.
    On a social control level, they peddle the dangerous drugs to the elderly and mentally handicapped—which on a surface level reveals the TRUE motivate…CONTROL,
    On a spiritual level, psychiatry functions as a weapon of suicide inducing, status reducing, and moral destroying technique. ~get you to hate yourself and self destruct~
    The aim is control of your mind, and if you are too loud about not going along, your crazy. I HEAR A SQUEAKY WILL!!!
    Ezra Pound and many others may express political views or social views that offend others, and are sent away.
    it’s very British in that sense, the putting the wife in the tower.
    My last psychaitrist compared me to Albert Einstein, and offered me some drugs.
    Imagine the insult to your intelligence or status if it’s blatantly obvious your far more intelligent than your handlers!
    They hate my guts on a deeply spiritual level.
    what may be viewed by the common persons as a doctor achieving a degree in science, is to the intellect, the reward for kissing you know what.
    fortunately, they are such fascist, practically ANYONE will be judged crazy or defective in some form.
    I get great pleasure seeing the Doctors pop their own pills, and experience their own sicknesses they have induced on others, when hurting the weak hasnt brought fullfillment or joy, but reduced someone who should know better, the psychaitrist, to the point they fall into their own trap, and self-medicate for relief.


  3. Reblogged this on Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police and commented:
    Six years on and still having to fight…


  4. Posted by l8in on April 25, 2015 at 9:08 pm

    Reblogged this on L8in.


  5. Posted by JM on April 26, 2015 at 2:00 am

    possibly worth noting that this disappeared off the ukcolumn site at least a year ago…about the last time i tried to find it….possibly lot longer….you have to wonder as to why?

    glad it’s still up here though….

    i’ve had 15 years of it….he’s far from the only one.


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